We can transfer your old video cassettes to long lasting, easy to access DVDs!
Although the old tape footage will not update to DVD quality,
we can try to enhance the picture and sound the best that we can.
Wanna take it with you?
We'll convert it to a digital movie compatible with iPhone and Android, Mac and Windows too!

Also transfer those old audio cassettes to CD and/or MP3!

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BetaMax cassettes were the first home media back in the late 70's.  They were considered better quality overall than the later VHS, but VHS won the home media battle because the masses chose quantity over quality...VHS had a longer record time.  Both had the same tape width but BetaMax had a smaller housing.


VHS was the home theater TV recording, and rental standard for about 25 years, before DVRs and DVDs took over.  With a recording capacity of up to 8 hours (losing quality the slower the tape speed), VHS won the homemedia recording wars back in the early 80's just a few years after BetaMax emerged on the market.


VHS-C became popular in the mid 80's camcoders with it being half the size of VHS, but with an adaptor it could play right in your VHS player and keep the camcorder size smaller.